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Gorgeous and stylish wedding decorations are often the centerpiece of the wedding ceremony and reception, and can change the mood in any setting. A2z Events Solutions is considered a big name in the industry of Event Planners in Lahore.Our company always tried their best to provide good services to their customers and make their day memorable.

Themed wedding decorations set the stage for your wedding theme, and can be used in many areas of your ceremony and reception locations. Common places to decorate for your wedding in an indoor and outdoor environment are:

At the Ceremony:

The Entrance or doorway (includes arches for outdoor gazebos and garden weddings)
Pews, chairs and Altars
Inside walls, or the first adjoining rooms from the entrance.
The area around the Guest Registry
Pathways and important wedding party vehicles.

The Reception:

Outer door entrance

First entrance room

Tables – head table, food tables (buffet)


Wedding Cake (cake topper)


Since wedding ceremonies and receptions can pretty much happen anywhere that the couple choose, wedding decorations can apply based upon the theme you may choose. Decorating for your traditional wedding may mean beautiful pure white candles, fresh flower arrangements, embroidered cloth napkins.

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