Multimedia Services

Being at a2z Events Solutions, We are perfectly operating and providing our professional Services in every section you need related to your Events whether these Events are of Family or Corporate Nature. You will find solutions with reasonable and most reliable atmosphere, which need to fulfil your needs related to your Events. Multimedia Services are also some of those most Important, Professional and magnificent conditions we are experts with and will be able to accommodate you for every single requirement related to multimedia accessories or stuff on rent. Even we Deal in Sale &Purchase as well, if you like to go for that option. Multimedia Covers all detailed Stuff like Professional JBL Or Cobra SP4 Sound Systems of all capacities, Professional Disco Jokey for your Concerts, LCD Screens, LED Screens, SMD Large Screens, Plasmas, Disco lighting Sets for Concerts, Complete Event’s Lighting, Digital or LED Dance Floors, Multimedia Projectors with high Resolutions for 3D Animations or anything else related to multimedia family which you may need on Rent for your Event, We provide Huge Sets of Trussing System Structures with all type of Lights for Rent at your Corporate Events whether that’s a Product Launch, A Reunion Event. An Exhibition, A Big Ceremony, An Expo where all these things required for sure. We will easy your need at just your single Call, bringing you the trust worth and professional structure of services at reasonable rates.

Dj Sound System

Professional DJ Sound System is the basic and most important requirement for any kind of event, which is also a very necessary tool to be used from a quality point of view. It is highly pointed out for Event’s detailed intentions & curiosities. People do point out while hiring DJ Sound System with Excellent results and professional operators. You will be happy and fully satisfied overall these concerns if you hire a2z Events Solution’s Professional & Expert Team for DJ Sound System Services requirements. We have the best Team of Professional DJ Sound System Operators loaded with all latest operates and stuff being driven from foreign. We have high-quality Imported Stuff with JBL & Cobra Brands in SP4 conditions. We can Cater all of your needs whether it is a small Event or Mega Event with Thousands of Audience appearance. Call us Today to hire Professional Team of DJ Sound System Operators with top Quality Stuff in Collection.

SMD Screen

Do you need Small Size of LCDs, LEDs, Big Plasmas or Large Size of SMD Screens on Rent for your Events? We are here to help you to find these things at reasonable Levels of Rent. We have a huge collection of all These Screens with Various Sizes as per your Demands on Rent. So if you are having upcoming Event of any nature whether indoor or outdoor and you are searching for Screens on Rent to be installed at your Event, Simply need your Call and Our Professional Services with Professional Team will be there within no time. Let us have your queries of requirements. We have done Small and all type of Grand Events where We used Maximum panels of SMD Screens at Stage backdrop, Side Displays, at Expo Points, at Welcome & Reception Points or Even a big Screen Corridor at Entrance is also in our great performance.
Please don’t forget to call our Professional Team for SMD or other Screens on Rent if you need.

Disco Lighting

Disco lighting is also a very necessary part of today’s Events whether We have these Events at School, college or Universities in the shape of Concerts or We have a huge Public Show with Celebrities on Stage, or we Can go to Corporate Sector whether overwhelming and highly exciting attractions are being focused to launch a new product or project related to one’s Success which need to be highly glorified on records by the help of these graceful and charming lighting set, purely operated by the Professional and Expert Team only. We at a2z Events Solutions, focus on all these important things and their key roles for every kind of event you want to get planned and organized. From normal lighting to disco lighting or any other service, We will be there to help you done it with great intentions and impressions.

Truss System

Truss System with full of particular lighting set as per the needs or nature of the event is also a very important trend for the current mode of Events. Trussing system is a compulsory part of all type of Events, which are being designed to launch new products, new services, new projects or to appreciate Teams for their great achievements to be recorded, Concerts, Public Shows, Exhibitions, Expos, Fun Fairs, Public Shows, Celebrity Shows or most of the other Corporate Events with large gatherings will appeal to its application whether at Stage, Surroundings or at Entrance for great expressions and perfect indulge which is perfectly served and operated by our Professional Team. Let us have your query about Trussing System if you need on Rent for any of your upcoming Event throughout Pakistan.

Event Lighting

Event lighting is another Chapter to be dealt with great care of philosophy, which can be done by the professional and experienced Team of Electricians, Electrical Engineers and with Vibrant latest Stuff Collection in backyards. We at a2z Events Solutions have been working on this Event lighting Project Since we started our journey and we have a perfectly professional team, for all type of Events lighting Services with all Capacities. Whether you have small Event or Large Event, we will give you best options of Event’s lighting with all due requirements and lighting combination or light colour theme as per your choice or requirement of that Event. Call Today for any of your Event’s related lighting Services on Rent.

LED Dance Floor

LED Dance Floor or LED Floor is being used for many purposes at Corporate and Family Wedding Events equally the same. Its also form of great excitement and passionate sentiments to be highlighted or expressed through great thrill of lighting work where people not only use huge set of lighting on top but also use LED lighting Floor as Dance Floor or other surface use as well. LED Dance Floor is mostly use for Dances purpose with a huge crowd whether on Concerts, Shows or Wedding Mehndi Events. We have latest branded LED Dance Floor available for Rent in our Warehouse as well. If you are looking for LED Lighting Dance Floor on Rent for your Event, please do call for reasonable rates and best services in Market as a2z Events Solutions is A name of Trust, Excellent Services Portal with Professional Eyes.
Finally, we would request to allow us to contribute our Role at any stage whether you need full Event related services or you are looking for any partial services plan for Multimedia related requirements. We will be more then happy with honor to help you in any sector of Services requirement for your Event.