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First birthday party plans are essential to planning the perfect first birthday bash for your baby,with a well thought out plan, nothing will be overlooked and the party you envisioned for your little sweetheart will go off without a hitch!

So what should be on a first birthday party plan?

Guest List -

Certainly the first place to start. Make sure no one is overlooked. If you are hoping for a small party, keep the guest list to immediate family and close friends.


Decide if you want a theme for the party. This may influence your decisions when it comes time to choose invitations, supplies, decorations, and the cake.


Write out your menu. You may want to keep your baby in mind and throw one or two of their favorites into your menu plan. After all, it is their big day!


Probably the most important and memorable part of the party. Decide on cake and icing flavors, whether you want a round or sheet cake, what you want on the cake etc.

Games and Entertainment

If you are inviting a lot of children to your party, you may want to organize some games and entertainment for them.


Choose decorations. Banners, balloons, streamers and a high chair decorating kit are some ideas. A2z events solutions is the best event planners in Pakistan providing solutions for every kind of events e.g business events like corporate meetings, seminars, Exhibition etc. Family events like birthday, family get together, wedding ceremony etc.

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