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Like any big show, guest posting your wedding day isn’t perfect — but that’s okay. While you can’t plan ahead for every little detail or questionable situation that might arise, you can arm yourself with some helpful advice to stay prepared for any potential wedding mistakes. But before you start planning your special day, consider these five biggest wedding preparation and planning mistakes that amateur “wedding planners” often make.

  1. Not budgeting for costs A2z Event Solutions Recommend You to keep things in your Budget.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true – many couples don’t budget for their wedding and end up in debt. To avoid catastrophic (and bankrupt) wedding mistakes, the first thing you should do is create an itemized budget that considers necessary requirements such as ceremony and reception venues, food and beverages, flowers, gifts, decorations, and more. If there is anything else, either spend the money on the honeymoon or on something more frivolous, like a carriage leaving the reception.

Budgeting ahead also involves acknowledging the fact that you may exceed the total by at least 10%. Surprises do happen, so cutting out other unnecessary things will ensure you don’t overrun your budget too much. During these initial wedding preparation stages, you and your fiancé need to discuss who will pay what. Once the bride’s parents gave everything, but that ideal is slowly fading. If you’re still short on funds, there are literally hundreds of ways to reduce the cost of your wedding day, including reducing guests, choosing off-season dates, choosing seasonal flowers, and having friends and family play together. A bigger part is making a wedding cake or experimenting with photography.

  1. Not giving yourself enough time A2z Event Solutions handle all your hassle.

The combination of little time and “my way or the highway” attitude hyped by many TV shows has etched the image of the tormented bride in people’s minds. That’s why giving yourself plenty of wedding preparation time is necessary to ensure your wedding goes smoothly. If you want a big, extravagant wedding, you’ll need to start planning at least a year and a half in advance; for smaller, more intimate weddings of about 50 guests, eight months to a year will do. You need to think about your wedding plans and adjust your schedule accordingly to prevent costly wedding mistakes.

Giving yourself more time to prepare your wedding allows you to order cakes, gowns, wedding gifts, flowers, decorations, and more in advance so you don’t come home empty-handed in a last-minute rush. Allocating enough time also applies to your wedding and reception. Don’t make your guests wait at the reception when you and your wedding party are taking hundreds of photos – consider taking most of the photos before the ceremony, and after the vows the most important couple, wedding party and family photos are taken exchange.

  1. A2z Event Solutions take over delegation of responsibility.

Delegating responsibilities, wedding preparation tasks and roles are critical – you can’t do everything! For brides, their bridesmaids will help them with important duties on their wedding day, so it’s no surprise to have a short list of duties for each friend. Mothers, family and friends will also be happy to explain your errands or phone calls if you ask. Just make sure you ask someone you know to get the job done on time.

Part of the wedding experience also relies on the many people who need your detailed wedding preparation instructions, such as caterers, photographers, florists, transportation and/or drivers, and DJs. Discussing your ideas with them ensures that you can work together on the same wavelengths and avoid embarrassing wedding mistakes at the actual reception. You should also arrange for the wedding reception to meet at a church or wedding venue at a designated time. Gathering so many people at the same time is what causes many couples to pick up wedding party members at home. A late wedding party member is one of the most common and sometimes uncontrollable wedding mistakes that brides and grooms have to deal with.

  1. Don’t hire a expensive wedding planner hire economy like A2z Event Solutions.

Many brides swear to their wedding planner that yes, they take care of everything related to preparing and planning the wedding, preventing the bride from making some of the most common wedding mistakes. It’s as if you and your fiancé are stars while the wedding planner works behind the scenes for your big show and sees it all from start to finish. Knowing all the details of preparing and planning a great wedding can help couples find reliable restaurants, wedding attire, supply stores, transportation, and DJs at lower prices. However, before signing any contract, talk to the wedding planner to see if you are satisfied.

Although wedding planners are very helpful, they can also be costly, which is unfortunate for brides trying to cut costs. This can be traced back to delegated duties – ask someone you trust to help you with your wedding preparation arrangements and appointments with each wedding store and/or supplier. You can even downsize your operations and have a simple wedding that you can completely plan or DIY to save money.

  1. The location and details of the reception have not been fully considered.

Sending your guests to find a reception location is more frequent than you might think and one of the biggest wedding mistakes couples overlook. For out-of-town guests, this is confusing. It is a breeze for guests in town. You must choose a reception venue close to the wedding venue, unless you provide transportation to and from the reception desk. Traveling longer than 15-20 minutes is difficult, and some guests may not go even if the distance is further.

Otherwise, if your reception site is outdoors (or exposed to bad weather), rain and wind may happen, so you should always have a backup in case the weather gets worse. A rainy wedding is one of the most common wedding mistakes brides make by neglecting their plans. Part of the wedding preparation should also include asking the venue gardener to spray the insects so that your guests are not bitten by mosquitoes and mosquitoes.

Learn to laugh at these wedding mistakes

Preparing for marriage, while useful, inevitably misses a few small details of your big day. These simple wedding mistakes (or, more likely, “flash in the pan”) are expected, and may provide you and your fiancé a hilarious moment to make you and your fiancé laugh in the future. Wedding mistakes happen, but they shouldn’t bother you. Just keep performing and smile – no one will know the difference!

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