About Me

Mr. Ali Rizzi,
Co Founder and M. Director at a2z Events Solutions Since its Grass Roots, worked hard day and night for Company’s best Image and Profile to be uploaded on Industry Page. Mr. Ali Rizzi is very Diligent, Dutiful and powerful personality with long-line history of bright ideas applications and generous dedication and Royal commitments to bring moral of Team in Industry with Positive and durable impacts.

My Skills

Analytics 100%
Collaboration 100%
Customer Service 100%
Positive Attitude 100%

My Experience

A2Z Events Since 2005 to till now

Technical Experience

He is Master of Events Planning, Designing, Decoration and Execution. Senior Coach & Leader in All Type of Events Either of Wedding Events, Corporate Events, Family Events, Get-together Events, Government high Profile Events, Executive and Elite Class Events, Seminars, Exhibitions, Product Launching or Opening Ceremonies, He got always unique, Versatile and great ideas and options to be Followed for appreciation.

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