Pakistan is very beautiful due to its nature. The attraction of people towards Northern areas is increasing on daily basis due to lots of hills, glaciers, lakes, historical places, greenery, etc. So, this is the reason, Mostly beautiful couples plan their dreamy weddings at different destinations.  Skardu valley is also one of the most attractive places in Pakistan, which is full of serenity. Destination wedding in Skardu becoming very popular in this decade.

Skardu valley is full of resorts, lakes, a fort and a cold desert all of which together are an epitome of beauty. Even the roads of k2 (the world’s seconds highest mountain) are also connected with this valley. Due to this, these valleys and mountains attract thousands of climbers and peace lovers from all over the world every year. The famous and loving thing in this valley is the hospitality of the local people.

Destination Wedding in Skardu by a2z Events Solution

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Desi Destination weddings in Skardu

Some families and their ancestors never forget about their rituals to perfume in weddings which are typical Desi. So we are here to perform that different task on your demands. Some families also want their Desi or cultural traditions in Destinations weddings and proudly, we provide all our best services in that.

Places for Destination Weddings in Skardu

Skardu is being considered a top notched place for destination weddings in Pakistan because of its beauty, Nature, lovely places and greenery. Our Experts have visited all the eye-catching and suitable places for destination weddings in Skardu. Some of these well-known places are listed below.
Shangrila Resort Skardu
Shangrila Resort is the most beautiful destination to plan a destination wedding in Skardu. Its natural beauty attracts couples to make their day memorable. It is set along the Lower Kachura Lake with views of the Karakoram mountain range. This gorgeous resort is 3 km from Upper Kachura Lake and 18 km from Skardu and presents nature at its best. This Resort is very famous for destination weddings because of its landscaping and beauty.

Khaplu Palace
Khaplu Palace is famous as Yabgo Khar in local areas of Skardu. This historical palace reminds us of the memories of the 19th century. The palace is considered an architectural tradition and a tourist attraction. That’s why thousands of tourists come to this historical place. Khaplu Palace is a palace building comprises of four floors built with wooden, mud bricks, clay, and soil mortar. The wooden ceiling of the palace is crafted with designs using chisel and paint, without the use of nails. A hall on the top floor that was used as a leisure room watches the Karakoram mountain range and the lawns around the palace. The hotel has 21 rooms, six of which are located inside the palace building while another area serves as a museum. Khaplu place is also considered best for destination weddings.

Deosai National Park
Deosai is located on the boundary of the Karakoram and the western Himalayas, and at no point, it is less than 4000 meters above sea level. It remains covered with snow for 8 months. The rest of the year, it hosts a range of beautiful flowers of all hues and colours, but not a single tree is found in this place. The real beauty of Deosai is a mixture of brown bears, red foxes, white tigers, and naughty marmots. A road from Skardu Bazaar turns to the Sadpara village. High mountains on one side, and depths on the other side, it is enough to disrupt the heartbeat of a first-time visitor. This place is also has its important for destination weddings in Skardu.

Kachura Lake
Kachura Lake is in the range of the Karakorum Mountains in the northern areas of Pakistan. This lake has clear water which makes shadows of mountains in it, which attracts people on its side. Destination wedding near to its bank of this Lake will be memorable at. This place has the best eye-catching sights for Destination Weddings.

Satpara Lake

Satpara Lake is situated in the region of Skardu and this lake provides water to Skardu Valley. The greenery near this beautiful lake and the sky blue water and surrounded by mountains is the cause of attraction of people towards this Lake. This Lake also is on this list of the top beautiful lakes in Pakistan.

There are many more places in Skardu where Destination weddings can be organized to mark the big days memorable. We at a2z Events Solution are always here to provide the best services to our valued clients. Alhamdulillah, we are one of the top Destination wedding planners in Pakistan and are always ready for new goals.

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