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Weddings Planning & Management

                A wedding which also called “Shaadi” in Urdu, is a legal ceremony to unite a man and a woman. Culturally, it is not a link between the wife and husband, but also an alliance between their respective families. Weddings are among the most important events in women’s lifetime, and every bride & groom want the perfect and thematic wedding ceremony to be performed with all important ingredients. Normally, Wedding or Shaadi is the bride’s reception, which formally takes place at bride’s home, where whole wedding setup is designed in a ground or nearest specious area. It has been in general nowadays, to hold this type of functions at banquet halls, weddings halls, restaurants or hotels. The bride’s family takes all these arrangement’s responsibilities for the reception and rest of services.

The barat or groom procession shows the arrival of the groom’s family, friends and relatives to the bride’s house to participate the ceremony and rest of customs formulations. The barat could be accompanied by the variety of rhythms some time dhol or band, and at arrival it is being warmly greeted with flowers and rose petals by the bride’s family members and friends. It is also custom, that bride’s sisters and friends stop the barat from entering the arena until they get a sufficient amount of cash from the groom’s family, which could lead to some sort of tricks or harmless fun some time, between the bride’s sisters and friends on one side and the groom’s brothers and other friends on other side.
The bride traditionally wears a red, purple, pink or same bright colored traditional dress called gharara, lehenga or shalwar kameez, which is heavily embroidered. However, other selected and desired bright colors may also be worn. Beside dress, The bride also wears heavy gold jewelry.  The groom may wears traditional dress such as sherwani with traditional and heavily embroidered sehra or turban, though some may prefer to wear a western-cultured suiting.
The nikah is the Islamic marriage contract ceremony. It either takes place at the Shaadi’s day itself or on separate day at the bride’s house, before the wedding ceremony. The nikah is performed by a Islamic scholar or imam, who formally indicates signings and terms & conditions of the marriage contract. Both bride and groom must have to show their wellness and two witness required on both side to complete this legal formation’s consensuality. A lunch or dinner party consisting several dishes with meat featuring heavily in the meal, is arranged & served by the bride’s family to all the participants at the event.
This is very important & Colorful Event, where colors and funs do cherished by every passing moments as both families, friends and relatives by groom and bride to gathering a same venue, where all formal and important wedding rituals are being expressed to unite the couples into a marriage life. A Professional Weddings Events Planner, like a2z Events Solutions, who do understand the importance of every single moment at this type of event, do have a team of highly professionalized team, with keen and dedicated experience to design all type of thematic wedding events.
At this spot most of the family from both side are worried or conscious to find out a perfect wedding’s events planners in Pakistan, who could understand their feelings, requirements, interests to plan, design, decorate and execute the whole wedding events thematically and perfectly, where color scheme, setups, crockery, cutlery, lighting, food menus, designing, flowers arrangements, table setups with all verticals options, stage designing & decoration, hall designing and decoration, typical and thematic weddings events designing, with lights, flowers and colors combination, all this comes with only and only By a2z Events Solutions Management Team, Who are perfect in all these types of events with years of experience, being considered as brand name in the Events & weddings planning market. A2Z Events Solutions is One and Only stop who do have better ideas, concepts, themes, plans and budget options for all type of wedding events.

We do listen to our valued clients very carefully, offer our experienced and valued ideas as suggestions and matter of importance to the clients, understand their standards of requirements, interests, required services and budget plan, and design the whole event within those limits, tailoring in such a way, which meets all the needs and values, wished by the clients. Our dedications and commitments have brought us honor and credibility by our valued clients, as we won their satisfactions and appreciations once we served them as a family member at any event, urging them to be on our permanent valued client’s panel.
If you are worried, or searching about best, perfect and professional wedding’s events planners in Pakistan, all of your worries say good bye to you, as A2Z Events Solutions is there, who is dedicated and sincerely committed to meet up all of your challenges and deadlines in any of concerns. We do promise, to have won your trusts within our first meeting, as Any kind of wedding’s setups and thematic designs can be planned professionally and perfectly on all occasions of wedding like Mehndi, Barat & walima by a2z Events Solutions Only.

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